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Sister Zeph an other Malala Yousaf Zai of Pakistan

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I am Anne 

I am a friend of Sister Zeph who is working to raise the status of Women through education and empowerment in Pakistan, below is a link of a documentary which is made on her life by Channel News Asia, I just thought to let you know about her struggle and threats which ...

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Short video: Vienna waits for you.

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A hotbed of prostitution in Tanzania

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This video shows a hotbed of prostitution in Tanzania. Hyena Square in Dar Es Salaam is the favorite location for pimps prostitutes and criminals to do their business. The video shows how horrible the situation of some of these people is and how they are trying to get out of the business.

Nice music video from Da Hool (1997) shot in Berlin.

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A trip through vancouver

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The problems facing the new afghan government.

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This is a short documentary created by Vice media about the problems facing the new and inexperienced government of Afghanistan. It covers drugs abuse and all sorts of other problems that are inherent to a state that just started forming.

A view inside North-Korea and it’s militarized society.

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This video shows how the North-Korean army and secret service are infiltrated in al parts of society. It shows an isolated society driven by fear and paranoia.

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