Art Net DMX Controller Decoder

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Art Net DMX Controller DecoderParameter:
Internet:ART NET  TCP IP
Upgrade:USB or internet
DMX ways:8 way DMX input and output
Display:LCD Chinese or English optional
Voltage:AC 100V~240V 47/60HZ
Maximum power consumption:25W
Dimension:Standard 19"(1U)
Gross Weight:2.08KG
Net Weight: 2.3KG

Key Functions:
1. Self-own software
2. CPU use ARM Cortex-m4
3. Output signal each wasy is isolated. Isolated pwoer is 2000V DC
4. Support all ART NET network controller, such as Pearl expert, tiger touch, MA or Hog
5. Could exchange DMX512 INTO ARTNET Signal
6,Signal output 3pins(Optional 5 pins)
7,Fixture could be upgraded by USB or online.
8. System parameter could be set from display or online. 
9,Aluminium body. 


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