BOC Sciences Highlighted Carbohydrates Harvest Admiring Fans at CPhI North America 2022

Global players in pharma supply chains witnessed the grand conclusion of the in-person meeting CPhI North America 2022 in May. BOC Sciences showed presence at booth 1319 and attracted many visitors who are influential researchers and industrial decision-makers.


CPhI North America holds the mission to facilitate the growth and evolution of pharma industries by providing a forum for innovation, learning, sourcing, and networking, and that is exactly what BOC Sciences is willing to participate in.


With market demand for glycoproteins, glycopeptides, and other carbohydrate-based molecules growing at record speed, BOC Sciences responsively announced the availability of major types of carbohydrates and related services long ago. Its expertise in this field has also certified it as one of the highlighted exhibitors at CPhI North America 2022.


"My colleagues and I all agree that our advantage of superb quality keeps us at the leading position in the intensively competitive market," a senior manager of BOC Sciences said. Such claims are not groundless but firmly supported by its strict quality control system. There are QC-related SOPs throughout the whole production process and mandatory training for every technician. Besides, up-to-date analytical instruments, strict CoA review and approval, traceable data, and well-prepared documentation... are also available to conduct comprehensive analyses. BOC Sciences gives full consideration to every detail and ensures that high-quality carbohydrates are delivered to the market.


A regular customer of BOC Sciences gave such a comment, "We researchers specializing in carbohydrate-modified drugs are usually weighed down with the tasks to verify reliable carbohydrate sources. I feel delighted and lucky to partner with BOC Sciences, who effectively free me from that trouble."


There are currently three classes of in-stock carbohydrates (Monosaccharides, Oligosaccharides, and Polysaccharides) offered at optimal prices. Also, BOC Sciences makes every effort to align its offerings with diverse needs. If customers expect tailored services, such as carbohydrate synthesis, they will find BOC Sciences a versatile partner who can fulfill most of their goals.


The enormous popularity BOC Sciences gained at CPhI North America 2022 revealed that the established biochemical manufacturer still appeals to a large number of customers. Its hard-won achievements can be attributed to high quality, optimal prices, rich product categories, custom services, etc. Nevertheless, what it all boils down to is the enterprise's philosophy of offering the best chemicals.



BOC Sciences is a (bio)chemical supplier based in the United States. Its leadership is a forward-thinking team of experts with deep experience in biology and chemistry. Offering comprehensive carbohydrates with certified quality, BOC Sciences is voted as one of the most trusted partners in the pharma industry.


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