Tips And Tricks For Adapting To Modern Content-Type

In a conventional era, continuous changes are observed in different types of content marketing to stand out among others. But you can't predict your business success without producing fresh and unique content. Nowadays, every business owner knows the importance of content marketing to attract more customers and increase sales revenue. 

The year 2020 has changed the game in a very convenient way! Undoubtedly, the way to do business and communicate with the audience has changed a lot. Content marketing involves the great types of content structures to reach out to the audience. However, the past years have changed the way people interact with brands to make quick and effective shopping decisions. 

So, Isn't it great if there was an easy way to figure out how to create content that would guarantee business results? To know this !! Let's Get Started with some benefits of adapting the great content marketing!! 

Benefits Of Content Marketing

Before we know the core content types, let's look at why content marketing is essential for our business growth. Content is also a main SEO ranking factor that helps improve your online search visibility and make your website content user-friendly to attract more and more customers. 

The content helps the business build trust and authority by showing your expertise and providing helpful information to the customers. Well, not every type of content appeals to every visitor. The online journey of the clients should be seamless and flexible while choosing the modern type of content marketing. 

Some of the modern content formats are listed below that will help you to get started: 

Blog Posts 

Old is Gold. Let's begin with the most famous type of content format. Studies prove that 53% of marketers prioritize blog content to generate leads. Blog posts are easy to create, especially if they are simple to read with short and to-the-point information with fewer images. Blog posts help to get constant traffic to your website that help you build a loyal and trustworthy audience. The users share your posts with others, which naturally improves the website's traffic. 

Authority Content 

Authoritative content establishes your (or your brand's) credentials as an authority in a particular field. Google mainly focuses on this aspect to improve the website SERPs. So, putting some well-considered authority content out there is essential if you want to drive traffic, eyes, engagement, and backlinks. 

Long-Form Articles 

Long-form articles are another format of content worth your time and effort. According to the survey, people love to share long-form articles via social media that drive more traffic to your website. Do your proper research to make the right article to attract relevant customers. You can create well-researched and in-depth long-form content using your industry expertise. There is also the option of checking out existing content and producing something better, fresh and unique. 

Video Content 

Video marketing statistics show that video content marketing grabs more customer attention online. Most people of every age group prefer to watch the videos. Google data shows that 40 % of people trusted the video content compared to other mediums. Moreover, video content formats also contribute to the business revenue and success. 


Did you know what? Infographics are also the most shared content online to get potential customers. It's crucial to choose effective graphic elements to make infographics more attractive. Don't forget to make your content information more interesting and reliable. 

To make use of these content formats, here are some actionable tips to get started: 

  • Plan well to create your content in the story form. Create the infographic with good points with outlined topics. 

  • Add the heading and subheadings to make your content more readable. 

  • Use the Canva and other tools to create the infographic content. 


Case Studies are one of the most reliable content marketing formats to gain the trust of supporters or future customers. This type of content aims to explain to the audience how you have helped the firm target potential audiences and reach their goals.


E-Books are another way to generate content quickly. The E-book can be an excellent learning tool to solve the customer's problems. Hubspot uses a variety of e-books to help the customers to get successful business results. 


Talking about different content formats and not mentioning the name of the Podcasts and how it is possible! If you are not making any podcasts, you'd have a better time to start now. This type of content marketing is appreciated to attract more potential customers. If you have enough time and money to host the podcast choose a theme to cover the relevant content topics to air your podcasts to win customers. 

Use the following type of Podcasts : 

  • Apple Podcast

  • Google Podcast 

  • Podbean 

  • Spotify 

Quizzes & Polls 

CMI states that quizzes are the most engaging content formats. It helps to get more audience attention. Polls can also increase engagement because they make participants curious about the results. 

Shareable and fun content creates good additions to the variety of the content strategy. To create polls and quizzes, use tools like Quizzr. Polls used the in-built social media tools to get more customer engagement. 

White Paper & Reports 

Reports and white papers can help engage your audience. According to the survey, the B2B buyers share the white paper with their colleagues to win more businesses. The white papers do not use the marketing pitches. It aims to help the target audience know much about brand products even without the hard sell, and they're effective. 

Final Thoughts 

No doubt !! There are many different types of content strategies used in digital marketing! So, it's a great opportunity to implement these content styles with your digital marketing practices. All in all, the pandemic situation changed the way people do business to sell products and services. What are you waiting for? It's the right time to be creative and try these out-of-the-box content strategies to get the top ranking in search engines. 



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