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Therapeutic Protein Expression System

Expression system refers to the system that synthesizes recombinant proteins through specific cells and transfected DNA vectors, which can translate the supplied DNA genetic information into the amino acid sequence specific to the target protein. After translation, these molecules are affected by post-translational modification (PTM). There are significant differences in the frequency and complexity of ...

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Precision Fermentation for the Alternative Protein Industry

What is Precision Fermentation


Precision fermentation is a technology that utilizes microorganisms as cell factories to produce specific functional components. It allows microorganisms to be programmed to afford complex organic molecules, such as proteins, enzymes, fats, vitamins, natural pigments, etc. In biology, fermentations refer to specific metabolic pathways that extract energy from molecules, usually in ...

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BOC Sciences: A Robust Isotope Labeling Service Vendor

New York, United States—May 10, 2022—BOC Sciences is a robust supplier of stable isotope-labeled compounds in the United States. While realizing isotopic labeling with different molecules could be tricky sometimes, the company provides professional stable isotope labeling services for worldwide partners to support them from preclinical to commercial stages.


Stable isotope labeling involves ...

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Innovative Impurity Isolation and Identification Techniques at BOC Sciences to Address Pharmaceutical Impurity Issues

New York, United States—June 30, 2022—BOC Sciences announced impurity isolation and identification services using traditional and innovative impurity techniques.


“We’re happy to have achieved consensus with global pharmaceuticals to deal with the NDMA risk and other impurity concerns. We will continue to provide full support taking advantage of our rich experience and ...

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BOC Sciences Demonstrates Comprehensive Strength with LYTAC Technology

New York, United States—June 29, 2022—BOC Sciences, a leading CRO in the pharmaceutical industry, demonstrates its comprehensive strength through innovative lysosome-targeting chimera (LYTAC) degradation technology solutions developed within the field of targeted protein degradation.


LYTAC is a new technology that can degrade extracellular proteins and membrane-related proteins through the endosomal/lysosomal pathway. The ...

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BOC Sciences Highlighted Carbohydrates Harvest Admiring Fans at CPhI North America 2022

Global players in pharma supply chains witnessed the grand conclusion of the in-person meeting CPhI North America 2022 in May. BOC Sciences showed presence at booth 1319 and attracted many visitors who are influential researchers and industrial decision-makers.


CPhI North America holds the mission to facilitate the growth and evolution of ...

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BOC Sciences Is Fully Prepared for the BIO International Convention in June

As the BIO International Convention is about to open on June 13th, BOC Sciences is now ready for everything. It will showcase the newest breakthroughs in microbial fermentation technologies to global pharma leaders and peers, which can help them achieve scientific or business goals.


BOC Sciences has been longing for the opening of the BIO ...

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An Overview of Mainstream Carbohydrates in the Market

As one of the primary biomolecules in nature, carbohydrates are critical elements in nutrition provision, energy transportation, cell composition, etc. In view of their universality and essentiality in research, this article is an exploration of carbohydrates, especially those hot ones in the market.


Chemical Classifications of Carbohydrates

There are different ways to classify carbohydrates ...

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Peptides Labeling with Stable Isotope

Peptides are organic compounds formed by the dehydration of amino acids and intermediate products of protein hydrolysis. Peptides have strong biological activity, which can regulate the functional activities of cells in living organisms, and play a variety of roles in medicine, cosmetics, food, and other fields. With the more and more extensive and in-depth applications ...

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Antibody-drug Conjugates Manufacturing and Future Focus

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are formed by covalent biochemical conjugation of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) with payload drugs through small molecular linkers. They are regarded as an emerging class of drugs designed for high-specificity targeting and destruction of cancer cells, since the specificity of mAb to tumor cells allows small-molecule drugs to target tumor tissues, effectively reducing ...

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