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Four Well-Established Strategies Used in Hit Identification

The major preclinical phases of peptide drug discovery encompass initial target identification and validation, hit identification, high throughput screening, lead optimization, etc. Among them, hit identification is one of the most critical steps in identifying peptides that can interact with well-validated targets.


Hit identification (HI) follows the process of target validation, in which the compound ...

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Total Peptide Library: More Flexible and Productive

Peptides with low molecular weight have been known to be less allergenic and the diverse physiological roles of peptides make them suitable candidates for the development of therapeutic agents. Peptide drugs are widely used in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. However, the development of peptide drugs is ...

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Useful Approaches for Labeling Peptides with Fluorescent Dyes

Due to the high sensitivity, flexibility, selectivity, and environmental stability, fluorescent techniques are broadly applied in biological research. Peptides provide unique possibilities for the development of efficient and selective fluorescent sensors because of their modular nature, synthetic accessibility, and biomolecular recognition potential. Accordingly, labeling peptides with fluorescent dyes become a powerful tool for studying biologically ...

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A Low Temperature Vacuum Fryer

Fruits and vegetables vacuum frying machine

There has been a popular fruits and vegetables snacks vacuum fryer in the food process.

A vacuum fryer is a machine designed to fry vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat at low temperatures.

It has been found that vacuum frying lowers the release of carcinogens and promotes healthy and safe eating.


Guidelines for Retort Sterilizer Selection

food retort sterilizer

Heat sterilization is the unit operation in which foods are heated at a sufficiently high temperature and for a sufficiently long time to destroy microbial and enzyme activity.

General Guidelines for Retort Selection

In order to select a retort the follows should be considered:

• Shape and type packages, Metal cans, Glass jars or bottles, Flexible ...

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TaurusQQ | Perang Baccarat | Situs Judi Online

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Taurusqq merupakan Situs Judi Perang Baccarat Online Terkini, Terbaik dan Terpercaya di Indonesia


Mahbub Mamun - Digital Marketer and Local SEO Specialist

Mahbub Mamun is a digital marketer specialized in local SEO (search engine optimization). Corporate experts call him a multipotentialite for the combination of his remarkable design background, business analysis, export management skills, and online marketing techniques. His clients say he is one of the most passionate and friendly marketers they have ever met. He is ...

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TaurusTogel Sabung Ayam Dan Baccarat Online Terpercaya

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Apakah Anda merupakan salah satu dari sebagian pemain judi online yang ingin merasakan dan meraih keuntungan dari permainan Baccarat Online di PC maupun smarphone? Taurustogel hadir sebagaik Agen Resmi Baccarat Online Uang Asli untuk menyediakan permainan taruhan baccarat online yang saat ini begitu marak diperbincangkan di kalangan pecinta judi online.

Dengan bermain di situs judi ...

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Taurusqq Situs Perang Baccarat

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Situs QQ Online | DominoQQ | Situs Poker Online | TaurusQQ | Perang Baccarat

Perang Baccarat Online adalah permainan kartu online terbaru dari server pkv games yang hadir di bulan desember 2019 untuk Anda para pecinta judi poker online. Nikmati kartu hoki, meja berkualitas dan 100% fairplay player vs player hanya di Taurusqq.

Taurusqq merupakan Situs Agen Perang Baccarat ...

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Situs Judi Pulsa Online

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Bosan kalah terus??? Segera Daftar dan bergabung bersama Taurusqq, Situs Judi Pulsa Online Paling Hoki. Hanya 3 Langkah untuk meraih kemenangan yang Anda impikan : DAFTAR - DEPOSIT - WITHDRAW. Dapatkan kartu hoki dan meja berkualitas dengan banyak jackpot dan bonus yang menanti Anda setiap hari