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China OEM precision investment casting supplier

   Zhaoqing OLYM Metal Products Co., Ltd,which founded in 2001,is a specialized investment casting manufacturer´╝îmember of China Foundry Association and one of the strongest manufacturers in investment casting  lost wax casting  industry in China.
   We always manufacture high quality precision castings for different industries and find more applications of the investment castings. Our ...

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low voltage accessories

insulation piercing connector
anchoring branch clamp
braid copper wire

Gzone China is a Manufacturer for Heavy Duty Starter

Gzone China is a Manufacturer of Heavy Duty Starter Motor, Truck Starter, Industrial Starter, Vehicle Starter and Diesel Engine Starter. Our Starter are for Mitsubishi Starter Cross Reference, Delco Remy Cross, Denso Starter Cross Reference, Cummins Starter Cross Reference, Caterpillar Starter Cross Reference and so on. With years of industry experience, we can solve most ...

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How to get a suitable full band audio jammer?

If you like technology and you want to buy a audio jammer then you need to know a couple of things before making that important purchase.Number one on the list is the fact that those devices are banned in lots of countries and because of this reason you might have serious problems finding them ...

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newest multinational signal detector blocker CPJX16

newest multinational signal detector blocker CPJX16 for worldwide using,it almost include all the common signals in the life, so, we called it as full band signal detector is a stationary model with 16 powerful antennas, it could blocker all types of Android phones,Tablets, Smart Phones, iPhones, VHF, UHF, GPS and remote ...

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How an entrepreneurial farmer created his own citrus harvester.

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This video shows an entrepreneur who is trying to crack one of the latest automation problems in agriculture: Harvesting fruit. Location: Leeton Australia

A presentation of the hyperloop project between LA and San Francisco.

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This is the place where they plan the supersonic hyperloop transportation project.


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A guy who wants to entertain people around the world, and make place not just in their TVs or laptops, but in their hearts.

other sites ...

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How Israel leads in technology.

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This video shows how and why Israel is so successful at inventing and implementing new technologies. It has the highest number of venture backed tech startups per capita to name one example.

Bringing the dead back to life: The Cryonics Institute Michigan.

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 A view inside the cryonics institute where dead people are frozen to bring them back to life in the future (atleast they hope so). 24355 Sorrentino Ct, Clinton Twp, MI 48035, USA