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Agriculture in the Riverina area Australia.

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This video shows one of the most diverse and productive agricultural areas of Australia. From grapes, oranges to dairy cattle, all of this can be found in the region. The video shows the history and how it began and today’s best practices.

How an entrepreneurial farmer created his own citrus harvester.

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This video shows an entrepreneur who is trying to crack one of the latest automation problems in agriculture: Harvesting fruit. Location: Leeton Australia

HD Video: Surfing New Zealand and Australia.

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Problems facing the aboriginal population in Australia.

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This documentary investigates the problems Australia and its indigenous people face. If one looks at crime and labor statistics aboriginals in Australia do much worse than minorities in even the poorest countries. 

Beef farming in Queensland Australia.

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A short film featuring a massive ranch that provides top quality beef. It’s an extensive farm operation that uses Angus, Zebu and Hereford cattle. Since I am a farming and agricultural enthusiast I decided to share this with on the site.

What to do with Australia’s camels.

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Tiny Sydney - A time-lapse video

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The Aboriginals: The native inhabitants of Australia.

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This video shows the native people that still inhabit Australia. The have their own gods and rituals and are struggling to preserve their way of life. In primary school our school has done a project studying one tribe that had Djarrewarre as their god and the didgeridoo as their favorite instrument.  This video shows how ...

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Hunting Wild Dog's in Queensland Australia.

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Great shots from the Australian outback.

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Here a great video with great pictures of the nature in Australia.