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Regenerating Canada’s west coast forests.

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Living with nature an hour’s drive from Vancouver.

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This documentary shows people living in a community that formed on an island (Lasqueti) near Vancouver, Canada. The community provides most of the stuff it uses by itself. Different people with different lifestyles seem to live together harmoniously all having their own approach to the environment.

Bill Lishman Talking about his work in Purple Hill, Ontario Canada.

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A Clash between big oil and native people.

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This video shows the friction between native Canadians concerned about the environment and industry that wants to expand their business.

Dying climbing Mount Asgard Canada.

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This video is about climbing Mount Asgard Canada. One of the climbers got sick and eventually died in the hospital. Emotional story with beautiful pictures of Canadian nature.

The war on Cannabis in Vancouver Canada

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Marijuana in British Columbia is big business. It’s a more than six billion dollar industry. In the US the move is towards legalization, but in Canada they are now starting a war on drugs. This leads to larger crime outfits and full prisons. Being Dutch I can see the results of legalizing the use ...

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Great shots from Montreal

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Cool skiing and snowboarding video from Whistler British Columbia Canada.

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Nice extreme sports vide with cool tricks and music.

Video - Vancouver Skate Plaza - Vancouver Canada

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