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The communist party in modern China.

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Surviving the freezing cold of Vladivostok in “modern” and corrupt Russia.

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This documentary shows the desperate state of Vladivostok, the former base of the Russian Pacific Marine fleet. Hope is gone after the USSR collapsed. People are struggling to fight of the cold in winter times. Vladivostok is an exponent and the mismanagement of modern Russia.

The school meal programe in India.

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Of course the plan has noble ambitions is a step forward, but the school meal program has become very controversial. After a dozen of children were poisoned rumors about consperacy’s and corruption surfaced. This documentary tries to investigate the case.

Italy suspects the Vatican bank of money laundering and corruption.

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The corruption and abuse in the Afghan army and police.

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This video shows the struggle of a young state in dealing with corruption and abuse. The documentary shows the  ineptitude, drug abuse, sexual misconduct, and corruption of the Afghan security forces. I wonder how big the chaos will be when western forces leave.

Mineral rich Congo is suffering from the natural resource trap!

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The mineral riches of Congo lead to corruption and a failed state. If capturing mineral wealth brings you more than working for your money, what would you do?

The influence of the Eastern Orthodox in church modern Russia.

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How the maffia is destroying public life in Italy

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After the elections of last monday it is even harder to govern italy because politics is now so divided. Before the elections the problems with corruption and organised crime where already big. One example is illustrated by the documentary. In napels the local maffia leaders have taken contral of the waste-management industry. Now they bribe ...

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How rich is Vladimir Putin? - Moskow Russia

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