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The Inca Empire at its mightiest. Emperor Pachacuti.

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During the 14th century the Inca Empire and its neighboring Peoples fought each other fiercely. Emperor Pachacuti reformed the Kingdom and introduced a new form of government and free trade. The empires engineers also introduces new transport and irrigation systems.

The lost Pyramids of Caral Peru are older than suspected and may be the oldest pyramids in the world.

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In these cities people lived peacefully for more than 1,200 years. The artifacts show no signs of warfare or any other violence, so the reason for creating an large scale civilization are not clear. The motivation may be to organize large scale education to increase the body of knowledge on it could be the ...

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A tour through the north of the Andes.

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Nice video compilation of a trip thru the Andes.

A video summary of life in Peru

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Nice artistic clip with images from Peru