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HD Video: Surfing New Zealand and Australia.

Rating: 9/10 (1 vote )


The Oregon Coast in all its glory.

Rating: 9/10 (1 vote )


San Diego Surfing Timelapse

Rating: 8/10 (1 vote )


Surfing pioneers at the The Shaka Surf Club in India.

Rating: 9/10 (1 vote )


27 min surfing video shot at the Bono River in Indonesia

Rating: 10/10 (1 vote )


Big Wave Surf Guetary France 2007

Rating: 5/10 (1 vote )

Shots from 2007 Surf Session (Big) Wave Challenge Final Day in Guetary France

Bigwave surfing at JAWS 2004, Peahi, Maui, Hawaii

Rating: 9/10 (1 vote )

When the Maui surfers John Roberson, John Lemus, and John Potterick were surfing the break in 1975, they noticed a sudden change in the conditions to huge dangerous waves, and gave it a nickname after the film Jaws, comparing the unpredictability to a shark attack.

A surfer in NY

Rating: 6/10 (1 vote )

This video shows a victim of hurricane sandy embracing the ocean by surfing it after he lost all his possessions. Great life story!

Teahupoo: Inside the monster wave.

Rating: 10/10 (1 vote )

Great video about the giant waves at Teahupoo french polynesia.

What the ocean gives and takes in the Sendai region of Japan

Rating: 7/10 (1 vote )

This video is about a surfer and traveler revisiting japan. It’s a nice compilation of what the ocean gives and what it takes. The film starts with great surfing shots, but the real story is about Takashi Kobayashi Building thee houses with children that fell victim to the latest tsunami in the Sendai region ...

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