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Iranian fisherman arrested by Saudi police man and put on a death trail for smuggling drugs (some were executed)!

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This video shows a story about some unlucky Iranian fisherman that ended up at the wrong side of justice. The rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia is well documented, but I was not aware of things like this happening in this region. These men are probably victim of a power struggle between two nations that ...

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Living in a fisherman’s shack next to a lake in Tasmania.

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Inspiriting video of a guy living in Tasmania Australia. He is living in his  family’s owned fisherman’s shack and living of fishing the lake.

Skateboarding during the early LA morning.

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Great skateboarding video featuring Danny Garcia skating during early morning  in los Angeles. Nice and relaxing music and playful skateboarding

The making of the Dubai Palm Islands

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An interesting video about  the creation of the palm islands in Dubai. A Dutch and a Belgium firm spray the sand onto the newly created island. It shows all the techniques needed to create this marvel of engineering.

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