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Dec. 2, 2013 - Dec. 8, 2013

The Southern coast of Haiti

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This short video shows beautiful pictures of the Southern coast of Haiti. Shot on a ten day trip along the cost of Haiti in October 2012.

The moon above Chicago.

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How John McAfee became a murder suspect.

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This video shows how John McAfee, an eccentric Silicon Valley multi-millionaire, became a murder suspect. Dateline investigates the bizarre life of this man.

Kidneys sold on the black market.

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In a small village called Hokshe in Nepal one out of four people have sold their kidneys for illegal transplant. Lured by the money they go to India to sell their organs on the black market. The money they get is often gone before they know it and after a few years these people start ...

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Afghanistan is addicted to heroin.

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Most people know Afghan warlords cannot fight their battles without the profit from heroin the heroin trade. Fewer people know about the huge number of heroin addicts that inhabit Afghanistan itself. See how it destroys afghan society from within.

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