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The Abuse Of Illegal Immigrants in Greece

Rating: 9/10 (1 vote )

This video describes the life of illegal immigrants trying to reach Europe thru Greece.

The Man Behind Salvation Mountain, Niland, California

Rating: 9/10 (1 vote )


inscription sur gmail

Rating: 1/10 (1 vote )

bo njour, je Vient de m'inscrire et de Cris juin boîte mai, je Vient d'arrivant DANS L'oise et je oudrais me faire des amies et faire juin coolocation verser des moments Partager Les bonheuret de partager les Frais verser Pouvoir FAIRE des voyages verser pus de détail Apeler au 06.23.16 ...

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Electronic Waste in Guiyu China: Recycling China Style.

Rating: 10/10 (1 vote )


Coltan Causing Conflict in Congo: Mining Africa

Rating: 9/10 (1 vote )


The relation between Iran and the west: The role of the US, Ayatollah Khomeini, Iraq, France and the revolution.

Rating: 10/10 (1 vote )

Great 3 part documentary on how the relation between the west and Iran turned sour. Although the relation has been improving in recent months the history of the relation between Iran and the west is still important. This film is made by westerners, but still shows that there are 2 sides to the story.

A video tour through Oman.

Rating: 10/10 (1 vote )


Poverty in Trench Town Jamaica.

Rating: 8/10 (1 vote )

Jamaica is seen by most people as a great vacation destiny. This documentary shows the darker side of the island filled with poverty and crime.

Should the UK adopt shale gas?

Rating: 9/10 (1 vote )


Mining the minerals of Greenland.

Rating: 10/10 (1 vote )

With a boom in commodity prices and increasing demand from emerging markets, investors are looking at less obvious places to start mining. This video examines the possibility of a mining bonanza in Greenland. Yes, Greenland!

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