who is filter bag and filter bag machine factory and manufacturer

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As filtration specialist, Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd and Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., Ltd are manufacturer and suppliers of a widely range of filtration products and services relating to filtration technology.

As filter bag factory, INDRO makes and supply filter elements: dust collector filter bags, nomex filter bags, filter bag cages, liquid filter bags, liquid filter housing, liquid filter cartridges and related filter elements and accessories, such as ptfe sewing thread, nomex sewing thread, fiberglass sewing thread, polyester sewing thread.

INDRO makes and supply filter equipments of dust collector filter bags and liquid filter bags: automatic filter bag sewing machines, automatic filter bag welding machines, automatic filter fabric cutting machines, filter bag top and bottom sewing machines, filter bag bottom cutting machines, filter bag snap band cutting machines, filter bag snap band strip cutting machines, filter cloth zip zip sewing machines(connecting filter cloth); filter bag welder and stitching machines, liquid filter cartridges machines.


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