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Phòng khám Chiropractic ACC Quận 1 - TP.HCM

Tự hào là đơn vị tiên phong ứng dụng Trị liệu thần kinh cột sống, ACC đã điều trị thành công cho hàng ngàn bệnh nhân mắc bệnh cơ xương khớp, bệnh cột sống cấp và mãn tính mà không cần dùng thuốc hay ...

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We make your dental care experience enjoyable. We strive to provide excellent oral care in a caring environment that is attentive to our patient’s well-being. All of our highly-recommended dental clinics in Dubai are from around the globe, and they use their extensive experience and the most advanced technology to deliver outstanding results.

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Cell-Penetrating Peptides: Features, Mechanisms, Applications

Cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) refer to water-soluble, partly hydrophobic, and/or polybasic short peptides that are fewer than 30 amino acids in size. Different types of CPPs like chimeric peptides and hydrophobic peptides have different lengths, charges, solubility, and hydrophobicity. At current, cell-penetrating peptides are often classified in line with their characteristics, including origin, conformation, and ...

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Four Well-Established Strategies Used in Hit Identification

The major preclinical phases of peptide drug discovery encompass initial target identification and validation, hit identification, high throughput screening, lead optimization, etc. Among them, hit identification is one of the most critical steps in identifying peptides that can interact with well-validated targets.


Hit identification (HI) follows the process of target validation, in which the compound ...

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Total Peptide Library: More Flexible and Productive

Peptides with low molecular weight have been known to be less allergenic and the diverse physiological roles of peptides make them suitable candidates for the development of therapeutic agents. Peptide drugs are widely used in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. However, the development of peptide drugs is ...

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