BOC Sciences: A Robust Isotope Labeling Service Vendor

New York, United States—May 10, 2022—BOC Sciences is a robust supplier of stable isotope-labeled compounds in the United States. While realizing isotopic labeling with different molecules could be tricky sometimes, the company provides professional stable isotope labeling services for worldwide partners to support them from preclinical to commercial stages.


Stable isotope labeling involves the use of non-radioactive isotopes that can serve as safe, effective, and convenient tools for scientific research in medicine, biology, pharmacy, chemistry, etc. The most commonly used stable isotopes cover deuterium, nitrogen-15, oxygen-18, and carbon-13, and isotope ratio changes on targeted compounds can be measured through nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry techniques. In contrast to radioactive labeling, no hazards nor safety concerns are involved with the stable isotope labeling technique, making it particularly well suited for drug metabolism studies.


BOC Sciences employs a vast network of biochemical experts that bring enhanced scientific expertise and offer customers flexible and expedite services to ensure the success of stable isotope-labeled products. The well-trained technical team will undertake the most demanding work for clients based on its fully equipped synthesis laboratory along with state-of-the-art testing equipment, which allows the production, purification, and analysis of quantities of labeled compounds at scales ranging from grams to kilograms.


During the last decade, the company has successfully contributed numerous compounds for industries of life sciences, medicine, environment, and agriculture. All compounds are produced, tested, packaged, and released following strict specifications and QC protocols to ensure product quality. With extensive experience in all synthesis stages for isotopic compounds, BOC Sciences can offer a comprehensive portfolio of isotope labeling technology for global customers to accelerate development and unleash their discovery’s potential.


“We have engaged in stable isotope synthesis for years. Every request for stable isotope-labeled compounds will be carefully evaluated by our team of scientists to meet your requirements, applications, and product specifications.” The BOC’s marketing manager said, “Our service also comes with ready-to-ship isotopically labeled products such as amino acids, peptides, APIs, and other raw materials that can be readily used for the custom synthesis of labeled compounds, thereby shortening and simplifying your scientific research.”


About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences is a leading and comprehensive pharmaceutical company in the USA. For more than a decade, BOC Sciences has matured to meet the market demand for stable isotope-labeled reference compounds, advanced intermediates, final pharmaceutical substances, bioactive substances, and metabolites. BOC Sciences have supported high-quality products and services for pharmaceutical companies engaged in drug research and discovery and received recognizable feedback from worldwide partners.


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