How to Be Better Graphic Designer: Nine-step Guide

It wasn't easy, but after a lot of hard work, we managed to narrow down the list to nine tips that will help you improve yourself as a graphic designer.

Graphic design is a profession and specialization, which develops and changes at a frequent pace alongside technology and fashion. The initial entrance ticket for those interested in entering the industry is apparently analytical, creative and self-taught abilities. You can also mention the quality of the work, which of course depends on the degree of your creativity, and the professional experience you bring, but here are some ways to improve on the way to becoming better designers:

Exalt yourselves

Exactly the same process you put your customers through, you will do for yourself. The market is saturated with super designers, but none of them think like you. Think about what you excel at, what your strengths are, what sets you apart from others in the field, and do what you do best.


Surround yourself with people from the field. They speak your language, and experience the same challenges. Once you are real, and give value to your colleagues, you will not have to fear competition or comparisons. This is an excellent learning resource.

Don't be satisfied with local designers only and contact designers from abroad, observe their final products and learn the way of working. This will open you up to new ideas, who knows, maybe you will even have a fruitful collaboration.

Don't settle for excellent

Sometimes we come across great jobs. So great that it gives us a stomach ache and a dry throat. Take such works, and redesign them. It's challenging. It's as hard as running a marathon. But after you're done, you're a marathoner! Even if you ran slowly, and on the way you lost a kidney.


Do you remember in math lessons, when the teacher used to implore us, that the path is more important than the final solution? Don't give up a sketchbook. This is an exact specification of your way of thinking, which will create a good dialogue with the client, and will lead you to a higher quality design.

Love Hurts

As those who deal with the creative side of life, we have a tendency to fall in love with the work process and the product. An ego and a broken heart will keep you fixated on the work you created and you won't be able to accept criticism, improve and improve. Your very awareness of this phenomenon is already half the way to a solution. And how do you heal a broken heart? That's for another time.

Make an effort for your customers

Love your customers. See their success as your own, and make every effort to make them happy. Customers came to you because of your design skills, and will stay because of your service and loyalty.

Follow cannons

Read blogs, professional literature and follow your heroes online. Sometimes there is a graphic designer who looks like an idol to us. And if you follow him long enough, you learn his working method, and it helps to improve and develop.

A first impression cannot be changed after it has been made

Every self-respecting professional prepares a portfolio. This is the way to present your expertise. This is the storefront of the candy store you own and the business card. Any private client, or studio owner who would like to hire the best background remover tool, will first check the portfolio. Be sure to update it, and make sure it represents a wide range of the abilities you have been blessed with.

The customer is (not) always right

Don't design just for the client to like you. Before you approach the crack in the riff, find out really well who the customer is standing in front of you. How much you can bring yourselves, how conservative he is. When you approach work with confidence, you can produce great things, without worrying about what he will say, or how it will look to him. If you are attentive enough to him, you can do wonderful things for him.



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