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How financial markets operate in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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This is a short docu that shows the Shahzada currency market in Kabul operates. From the video it is difficult to tell if there is some regulation or supervision but it seems to be functioning. If you know more about how this market functions please tell me in the comment section. Location: KABUL’S SHAHZADA ...

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The problems facing the new afghan government.

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This is a short documentary created by Vice media about the problems facing the new and inexperienced government of Afghanistan. It covers drugs abuse and all sorts of other problems that are inherent to a state that just started forming.

The lost war against Afghan heroin.

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Afghanistan is addicted to heroin.

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Most people know Afghan warlords cannot fight their battles without the profit from heroin the heroin trade. Fewer people know about the huge number of heroin addicts that inhabit Afghanistan itself. See how it destroys afghan society from within.

The corruption and abuse in the Afghan army and police.

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This video shows the struggle of a young state in dealing with corruption and abuse. The documentary shows the  ineptitude, drug abuse, sexual misconduct, and corruption of the Afghan security forces. I wonder how big the chaos will be when western forces leave.