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The current situation in Syria.

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This video shows how the war in Syria is fought. How an untrained army is fighting a trained army. Hope this will turn out well.

Syria: How a cocktail of communism socialism Baathism and the Assad family exploded.

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This documentary shows the history of Syria after French colonial rule. With colonial powers moving out and new ideologies like socialism and communist moving in things became politically turbulent. This young nation has been thru terror and suppression, but is now on a crossroad of a being a safe place for people to live or ...

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Ground Zero - Aleppo Syria - Assad's Child Victims

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VICE commissioned renowned photojournalist and videographer Robert King to embed on the front lines with the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo. War-zone chaos ensued. In this episode, Assad forces hit Al Qusayr with a rocket attack while Robert is filming - it was targeted directly.