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Skateboarding in Tehran, Iran

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The relation between Iran and the west: The role of the US, Ayatollah Khomeini, Iraq, France and the revolution.

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Great 3 part documentary on how the relation between the west and Iran turned sour. Although the relation has been improving in recent months the history of the relation between Iran and the west is still important. This film is made by westerners, but still shows that there are 2 sides to the story.

The reasons for Iran's nuclear project from their point of view.

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This documentary examines the reasons for Iran's nuclear project from the Iranian point of view. Despite their large oil reserves, their might be some good reason for Iran pursuing uranium enrichment.

The rise of the Persian empire.

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This is the history of the rise of the Persian empire. The building of this empire has a lot of ingredients  that created other great empires in history: Technology, Military force, Trade and architecture. Iran sure has an impressing history.

Iranian fisherman arrested by Saudi police man and put on a death trail for smuggling drugs (some were executed)!

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This video shows a story about some unlucky Iranian fisherman that ended up at the wrong side of justice. The rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia is well documented, but I was not aware of things like this happening in this region. These men are probably victim of a power struggle between two nations that ...

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