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Gentrification in London; how the poor are forced out.

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There are a lot of videos on this website that show how the rich and famous are moving into London. This video shows the other side of the same coin; poor people are forced out of the city. From a macroeconomic perspective there is some merit to this phenomenon, because you want the most productive ...

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Wonderful London

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Muslim Jihadists and London’s Right-Wing extremists Clash.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Wins at the Mr Universe contest, London, 1969

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Found in the British Pathé archive. Enjoy!

Inline skating through London.

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A video about six hours in Dalston London.

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Great Song from King Krule In London

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How to earn your living creating sand sculptures on a beach in the center of London.

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Great video about a man earning his money on a beach in the middle of London.

A video showing the struggle of young people growing up in East London.

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This video shows how young people from diverse backgrounds are coping with the challenges of life. The video just portraits some of them raw and uncut.

Why street furniture is one of London’s most peculiar tourist attractions.

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The street furniture is distinctive and most of it was already there during the first moon landing. The fact that it still working amazes me.