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Protests in Germany: Wir willen keine salafiste schweine.

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It is no secret that the stream of referees in Europe has created frictions in the receiving countries. This video may be seen as an access, but tensions are building up. Please let me know in the comment section what you think about the situation and What you think should be done to ease the ...

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The State of the South African Economy Twenty Years after Apartheid.

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A discussion about the economic progress and lack of it in South Africa.

The Abuse Of Illegal Immigrants in Greece

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This video describes the life of illegal immigrants trying to reach Europe thru Greece.

Racism and the University of Alabama

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In 1963, the University of Alabama for the first time allowed African Americans to enroll on their courses, but racism is still subject of debate. This documentary is about two sororities that rejected black students in their midst and the controversy it caused.

The Growing Number of Poor Whites in South Africa.

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The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.

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The Klu Klux klan in Memphis City.

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