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The Aboriginals: The native inhabitants of Australia.

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This video shows the native people that still inhabit Australia. The have their own gods and rituals and are struggling to preserve their way of life. In primary school our school has done a project studying one tribe that had Djarrewarre as their god and the didgeridoo as their favorite instrument.  This video shows how ...

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India's Andaman Islands Jarawa tribe.

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The Jarawa tribe live their lives on India's Andaman Islands. The Jarawa are a people that are treated like zoo animals because the neighboring population see them as backward. It is even advised not to feed them in their natural habitat. Sad people are still treated like this in modern times.

Tribal battles and traditions in Sumba Indonesia.

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Sumba is an island in the Indonesian archipelago the size of Jamaica. It’s a society that didn’t have contact with the western world for most of its recent history. The video is about tribal rivalry and the fights called the Pasola that take place every year. The fights are a tradition that play ...

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