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Argyll Forest Park Scotland

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An alienated girl from Dorset UK.

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Deborah Drapper is a girl that lives isolated from her fellow teenage girls. She thinks her peers are following the wrong path and that god thinks these people should behave differently. The fact that she doesn’t know who Victoria Beckham is a sign that this girl is alienated from the rest of the world.

The ministry of finance.

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This film shows the history of the ministry of finance of Britain. It shows the booms and busts of devaluations during the sixties and seventies. Also the role of Thatcher as a monetarist and the role of Gordon Brown are emphasized.

Islam radicalization UK style.

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Arty video shots from Brighton.

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Have spent 2 months in Brighton on an English language course. Time well spend! Still good memories from 15 years ago. Still one pier standing.

Class differences in London England UK.

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These shots of London house facades show a journey from east to west London. As one can see (with some exceptions), these frontages become more luxurious when traveling from the east to the west. The trip is from East (E6) to West London (SW7)

Great artistic video of everyday life in London.

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Great black and white video shot in London. About everyday life with great graphics and music.

A talking raven from Ashford lining in the Horizon Wings Raptor Rehabilitation And Education Center

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Teenage Heroin Epidemic in England UK

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