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Big Wave Surf Guetary France 2007

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Shots from 2007 Surf Session (Big) Wave Challenge Final Day in Guetary France

Bigwave surfing at JAWS 2004, Peahi, Maui, Hawaii

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When the Maui surfers John Roberson, John Lemus, and John Potterick were surfing the break in 1975, they noticed a sudden change in the conditions to huge dangerous waves, and gave it a nickname after the film Jaws, comparing the unpredictability to a shark attack.

Teahupoo: Inside the monster wave.

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Great video about the giant waves at Teahupoo french polynesia.

Holgate Glacier Calving - Big wave - Video - Alaska

Rating: 8/10 (1 vote )

Surfing Maverick's, california, USA

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Surfing Shipsterns, Tasman National Park, Tasmania, Australia

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Surfing Teahupoo, French Polynesia

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