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The Inca Empire at its mightiest. Emperor Pachacuti.

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During the 14th century the Inca Empire and its neighboring Peoples fought each other fiercely. Emperor Pachacuti reformed the Kingdom and introduced a new form of government and free trade. The empires engineers also introduces new transport and irrigation systems.

The rise of the Persian empire.

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This is the history of the rise of the Persian empire. The building of this empire has a lot of ingredients  that created other great empires in history: Technology, Military force, Trade and architecture. Iran sure has an impressing history.

Rome and its dictators - The rise and fall of rome

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This documentary is about the dictators of Rome and their mistakes and successes. Their actions have caused revolutions and in the end the fall of Rome. Men like Caesar, Nero and Constantine shaped the Roman Empire and governed the empire during the most important turning points in its history. It describes how Rome destroyed Carthage ...

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