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A Tribute to New Yorks Taxi Drivers.

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Using drip-irrigation on Silver Queen Farm, Trumansburg, NY.

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This is a video ,created by the Cornell University Small Farms Program, on how to use drip-irrigation effectively. 

Voodoo Practiced in Brooklyn New York.

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Vice is going into New York’s world of Voodoo.

toys - hey boy - A Music video Shot in NY

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A time-lapse of New Year’s Eve at Time Square NY.

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A single mother as professional boxer in NY.

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A video portrait of a single mom making her money as a boxer in NY.

A surfer in NY

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This video shows a victim of hurricane sandy embracing the ocean by surfing it after he lost all his possessions. Great life story!

Life after Hurricane Sandy.

A video showing people rebuilding their lives after hurricane Sandy.

Timelapse of the NY skyline.

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Nice music!

Nice video made during a visit to NY

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