Post New Content:

To post new content, login to your account or signup. Then add a title and start writing your post. The title will be visible when users move their cursor over the map marker. If you want to add a short description to the title (that is also visible when users move their cursor over the map marker) add an excerpt. To add an excerpt go to screen options, select excerpt and the excerpt field becomes visible in your dashboard. After you have written your post you can put in the most relevant category by selecting the category at the right hand side. Also descriptive tags must be added. For the post to appear on the map you have to select a location at the bottom of the page. You can click on a location or search for one using the search form. On the left top of the map the controls to navigate the map are situated. Please be as precise as possible in selecting the location since this will enhance user experience. You can now click on preview (top right of the page) to see how your post looks. If everything looks fine, click on the publish button and you’re done!!!


Post Videos:

To post videos click on the add-media button None  and fill in the form click ok and the video should appear in the post editor. The most popular video and image services are supported (e.g. YouTube, Flickr, Qik, Vimeo, Hulu, Viddler, MyOpera, etc.).


Promote your business, content, website etc.:

This site is moderated by humans and low quality items will be removed. Its fine to promote something (your: business, content, website, blog or any other type of material) on this forum, but please make the post interesting and relevant to the location and for our visitors. To increase the likelihood that your item stays on the forum, it’s best to add rich media (videos and images) and a great description.


SPAM Harassment etc.:

Harassment, adult content, SPAM and other improper posts will be removed by our moderator.


Do you still have questions?

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